Fuel Oil Analysis

  • Today environmental regulation has changed the characteristic of Marine fuels. In order for suppliers to comply with regulation, more complex blending and refining processes are used which has a large impact on the quality of the final products. In the past few years, we have seen fuel quality problems rise and we expected more to come with the new regulations taken effect in the next few years.

Our laboratory chemist are well aware of the challenge. Equipped with a state of the art laboratory, certified 9001:2008 by the ABS Quality Evaluation, they are ready to analyze your fuel to the full extent of the ISO 8217 specifications and beyond. Our laboratory is setup to go beyond the ISO 8217 specification for maximum vessel protection utilizing FTIR analysis on distillate fuel for bio fuel contamination. Moreover, more sophisticated equipment can be utilized to follow-up initial findings by the lab or client.

Analysis data is available for you to access through our secure server at any time free of charge.

To simplify the process to our client we have introduced a new easy to use Fuel Sampling Kit, containing everything needed to sample a vessel in a small box. 

Our Fuel Sampling Kit solution makes it simple for our client to:

  • Comply with MARPOL Annex VI and with local vessel operating regulation.
  • Monitor fuel quality through simple and fast analysis report with engineering technical comment for fuel optimization.
  • Evaluate on-board purification equipment by utilizing " Purifier Efficiency Evaluation" samples


    The Fuel Sampling Kit (FSK) includes:

32 1000 ml bottles with rectangular base for better handling and stability
32 MARPOL compliance labels
32 seals and Caps
8 Cubitainers
Bottle capable of handling up to four (4) unique seals on cap
Self-aligning cap to indicate fully closed bottle
IATA approved package for sample dispatch
Easy to use documentation
Kit are ready for shipment from the U.S.A to any port in the world.