Purifier Efficiency Evaluation

The vessel's line of defense against abrasive material and high water levels in the fuel is it's purification system. If for some reason, the purification system fails to reduce the water or the catfine in the fuel to beneath the maximum limit, it could result in catastrophic damage to the engine. Unfortunately, there is no direct measurement for Al+Si (catfines) onboard the vessel, therefore having fuel with high level of catfines and insufficient purification system could lead to very costly engine repairs.

We offer Purifier Efficiency Evaluations  (PEE) to ensure that the purification system will safeguard the vessel against fuel with high water/catfines levels. Just take PEE samples from the designated point(s), send it to the lab, and an evaluation report will be mailed to you in less than 10 hours of receiving the sample at our laboratory.